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To the right you will see a photo of the shoe M.K. Davis & Jay Michael were able to determine is likely the object that produced all of the prints and casts in these photos.
• Notice the bludge where the "toes" begin.
• Notice the length of the toes in comparison to the below photos
• Notice the heel size and shape.
• Notice the number of appendages
• The shoe print and the casts are of the same exact size.
• The shoe print is designed to flex the "toes" downward for a "claw" appearence
• The shoe print is offset from the top of the shoe so it will flex when pressed into the ground, giving the print a flexable "real" appearence. *
A video documentary is now available here.More photos and the full story is availabe to stream/download from this web site. Bookmark this H.I.S. site if you haven't already.
Photo above of shoe with track imprint

Harlan's Original Casts

Look closely at the above photo from the TV program, "In Search Of..." , specifically the print on the left.

MK's cast: A cast of a cast made in sand.

Cast with appendages turned down.
* A side view will reveal this detail later, the side view and many other details will be available on the video when finished.
M.K. Davis and Jay Michael continue to investigate the Honey Island Swamp Monster for this web site. They also investigate sightings in Mississippi and other areas. It is our hope that these investigations will reveal the truth, whatever that truth may be. In this case it appears that the Honey Island Swamp Monster may only be myth, but we remain with questions, such as; What did Harlan Ford see? What did Ted Williams see? Does the revelation of this shoe print discredit the entire legend?
We believe we can compare this shoe print to all known and existing casts and photos of legitimate Honey Island Swamp Monster prints and conclude this shoe, with it's mate did in fact make all of the casts above. If this is true, and we believe it is, then one must question the legend itself in it's entirety.