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Mississippi Mystery Cont.

Dig Pix 6: This is a stomach from one of the deer. Note it isn't ruptured but has been gently placed here in the grass. It was several feet away from the stack.

Dig Pix 7: Another shot of the deer. We found no footprints near the deer. The ground was moist from rain but hard.

Dig Pix 8: This is a tree bend. I doubt this is BF related. I think it's weather related.

Dig Pix 9: Tree break and twist. This is one of several twist/breaks I found. Some were caused by weather or other falling trees but I believe this one and perhaps a few more were not made by any natural cause.

From video tape: Puncture hole on deer.

Broken leg & hole in front of deer.

Close up of the head of one of the deer.

Notice how the spine is broken off.

Typical tree break with a slight twist.

Twisted and to one side.

Difficult to see in this photo but... there are several limbs layed into a X formation with limbs crossing.

Typical diseased tree, break is caused by the fungus weakening the tree.
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