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This limb had been twisted around and shreaded.

Tree break whereby the limb broke off and was layed back into the break.

Bent and broken. Possible weather damage.

Dig Pix # 9 different angle

This is iffy, something had been peeling back the bark for bugs.

Remains of dead cow found near deer. (about 100+ yards away)

Head of another cow. Appears old as fungus is growing on it.

Closer shot of above.

More cow bones.

Here is another stick formation, saplings coming from left...

... are bent and intertwined into the above formation...

...this parallel marker is underneath and pointing toward it.

Broken limb several feet off the ground.

Another unusual formation. There are two saplings side-by-side, the limbs are stacked inbetween.

Limb shaved smooth of bark. Dunno about this.

Another break....

Deer stand found back in the woods near clearing. Attempting to locate owner.

Personally this is a long shot but may be a possible print. I wear a size 12 shoe. One of two about six feet apart. Untill I see more or better than this I'm keeping this as unknown.
I continue to investigate the above location. At this point I have very little to tie the above material into a Bigfoot situation. So, I'm leaving my skepticals on and looking to see if I can find some good prints or record some sounds from the area. Any new developments will be found here and reported to the GCBRO. This is suspected BF activity untill more data can be accumilated.